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Friday, February 25, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Recently, I watched the show Who Do You Think You Are it featured Rosie O'Donnell. She searched her roots and found on her mother's side they went back to Ireland. Rosie, was very touched when she discovered her family had been so poor they lived in what they called a workhouse. She took a leap and compared it to a concentration camp. I am sure others would question that comparison.
While watching her search I could not help but think about the children she adopted. What must they be feeling the young man Parker is old enough to wonder just who he is or who gave birth to him. Rosie, mentioned she couldn't wait to tell the kids her adopted kids. Sure, she can tell them and they can be happy about her discovery but the roots she found are not the kids she adopted roots.
Hopefully, she will understand the importance of knowing where one comes from and how they cane to be the person they are now. I really have my doubts as she has been so vehement about the children she adopted as being in the wrong tummy. So if that is true will they as many adoptees are forced to take on roots that don't belong to them for the mere fact they are adopted.
Rosie's brother is a New York legislature who believes that records should not be unsealed.
New York has one of the worst records as far as refusing to open records. Will he have a change of heart? I wonder after all he know where he came from he was allows to know the truth of his origins. Of course, neither he or Rosie were adopted and that is the difference between having the right and not having the right. Adoption, records are under lock and key.