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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To my son's all four of them and to my son in law you are all great fathers. Thank you for being the special dads you
are hanging in there even through the tough times. Two of my sons have been divorced and there have been times they both
have had to tell their ex's they want more time. One day I hope my grandkids can look back and see their dads and truly realize how lucky they are to have a dad like they do. This usually takes having ones own child and some years of maturity and a struggle of some sort to learn those
To my own father who is no longer here on earth. I love you and do understand that alcohol was what took you away from your family. It was a struggle for all of us, I do wish you
could have stayed and been the dad I needed but you couldn't due to alcohol. You were a good dad for 11 years of my life.
Love your daughter