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Sunday, July 11, 2010


What exactly are losses in adoption?

Losses in adoption are many so many I need to list them. Loss of mother, siblings, loss of true heritage, loss of familial ties, loss of connection to
someone who looks like you acts like you and mirrors you.

The losses ripple out like a rock that is thrown into a pond. Loss that affects every human being whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. Losses in adoption tear apart something that is valued in our society, the family.The roots the beginnings, the ancestors that we evolved from in coming from a specific mother and father. Grandparents from both sides, cousins, aunts, uncles goes on and on.

Many of those directly involved in adoption loss live in a denial state due to that loss. It is a way of coping a mind coping mechanism much like brain washing. So many mothers are living this way. I was one of those women. A survivor, a woman that knew she had to find to tell my son the truth. I was the only one that could tell him as I lived the truth. No one else could tell my truth but me. I am proud to say I did tell him in 1993.

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Sandy Young said...

Good post. I feel the pain. Hope you are hanging in there, and that all comes right in the end. Come to SA and we will kick up a storm next July!